Mission of the Daycare Center

The mission of the daycare center is in accordance with the principles for the support of children in daycare facilities as set forth in section 22 of SGB VIII (Book 8 of the German Social Code,), “Child and Youth Welfare”. Accordingly, daycare facilities for children should

  • promote the development of the child into an independent and socially competent personality
  • support and supplement the child’s upbringing and education in the family
  • help parents to reconcile working life and child-rearing.

The tasks of the daycare center include the care, education and family-supporting upbringing of the children admitted, based on the "Education and Upbringing Plan for Children Aged 0 to 10 Years in the German Federal State of Hesse" of the Hessian Ministry of Social Affairs and the Hessian Ministry of Culture.

The services offered by the daycare center are oriented in educational and organizational terms to the needs of the children and their families. The daycare center has a particular commitment to parents in difficult personal and family situations.

The needs of the children and parents are always considered in the pedagogical concept and are communicated between the parents and the teaching staff. We attach great importance to working in partnership with parents. In our facility, it is especially important to create a living space for all children, regardless of their circumstances. The uniqueness of the children is seen as creating colorful diversity in which all participants can learn from and with each other.