In our daycare center we offer three to four meals a day.

Basically, we attach great importance to a child-friendly, healthy and balanced diet, which is, however, neither sugar-free, vegetarian, nor vegan or purely organic. Our focus is on a healthy variety of meals and the joy of eating. The children are encouraged to try everything, as food plays a significant role in our daycare.

We offer breakfast, a hot lunch, an afternoon snack and a late snack to all children. Breakfast and snacks are planned and prepared in cooperation between the housekeepers and the teachers. The hot lunch is freshly prepared and delivered by a provider specializing in daycare centers. Fresh fruit and raw vegetables always accompany the individual meals. Water is available to the children at all meals and outside mealtimes as well. Milk is also regularly offered at breakfast. We take great care to ensure that the children drink enough, offer targeted drinking breaks between meals and have installed fixed drinking stations. The teachers always make sure that these stations are filled and can be used at any time. They remind and encourage the children to drink.

We can respond to food intolerances or individual dietary requirements in consultation with parents within the framework of the described options.