Rooms and Furnishings  

Our rooms are designed as learning and teaching rooms (also known as functional rooms). Learning and teaching rooms are characterized by the fact that the theme is visible at a glance and children can recognize what can be discovered in each room. Inviting pictures motivate children to engage in the play opportunities in the rooms.

Rooms in the nursery school:

  • Arts and crafts/woodworking room
  • Library
  • Discovery room
  • Media cube
  • Construction room
  • Tree house
  • Fantasyland
  • Media room
  • Movement room
  • Bistro/children's restaurant
  • Nap room
  • Various children's bathrooms

Rooms in the crèche:

  • “Nest room” on the ground floor
  • Role-play room on the ground floor
  • Sensory stimulation room
  • “Nest room” on the upper floor
  • “Researcher” room
  • Role-play room on the upper floor
  • Adjoining nap rooms in each case children's bathrooms/changing rooms
  • Creative room
  • Multipurpose room/movement room