Our Pedagogical Concept at a Glance

We offer reliable childcare for parents and coordinate the daily routine and structure according to the needs of the children. The nursery school and crèche operate according to a partially open concept. In this way, we enable the children to participate in an age-appropriate way and encourage self-confidence and independence as well as social skills in general.

By a partially open concept, we mean that we give the children the opportunity to choose their play situations, rooms and playmates and to turn to the teachers as needed. This concept must include as much self-activity as possible on the part of the child. So that children can also experience structure and reliability, a good daily routine is required.

The goal of our pedagogical work is to give all children equal access to education from the very beginning. The partially open concept gives the children scope to satisfy their individual needs in an optimal way. They are given the space to recognize their own needs, pursue their interests, and decide independently on play situations and activities. This also fosters the children's ability to make decisions and their independence and self-activity. Especially with regard to social behavior, they are given many opportunities to experience and learn. Of course, the children can always turn to any of the teachers as well.

With the provision of selected, pedagogically thought-out play materials in the various functional rooms, the children have scope to develop freely and discover their preferences. Individual exchanges with other children are encouraged and supported by the teachers at all times. In addition, the partially open concept gives children the opportunity to establish a trusting relationship with the entire staff on the floor and with children from other groups. This creates a broad basis of trust.

We work according to the principle of the core group and the primary teacher. Each learning and teaching room has a permanently assigned teaching specialist. Each child has a primary teacher who is responsible for the child’s acclimatization and for communicating with the child’s parents. It is very important to us that each child knows and trusts each teacher in the area, since we offer cross-group and cross-space care due to the partially open concept.